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This web site was created for a bit of fun, and amusement,to see if we could construct it with out using an Html Editor other than notepad.I have progressed from simple Html language to using javascript & CSS style layouts.I have included a section about us,and the surrounding countryside. A page for our friends & relatives to try to keep them up to date with the lastest family news,and travel. and a fun,odds&ends page,with a few puzzles.
Also A Family Tree section,(click geneology),that has a comprehensive data on thirteen sets of families,in the South Somerset area that is being constanly updated. This information is not to be used for any /or profitable enterprise.Hopefully it will be of use to someone who might stumble upon this site. We cannot guarantee that this information is completly accurate,but we have tried to minimise any discrepances.

Compiled and Created by Mr G. Windsor e-mail Copyright 2006 .Last modified 13/11/2020