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B.1680 Buried.18th March.1710. Wife(unknown)Buried 17th Jan. 1717
  A Child   John  
  B.1706 m. 26th November 1726 to Susanne Butcher B.1700 Buried 17th March 1782   Buried 26th March 1710   Buried 26th Febuary 1715  
John   Richard   Mary  
Bapt.8th Sept1728.Buried 13th Jan 1818.M.18th Sept 1765 to Mary Stoodley.Buried 23rd June 1773   Bapt. 8th Jan 1731 M.30th Sept 1754 to Jane Batler   Bapt.Feb 1731.M.31st Oct 1750 to Robert Munden  
Bapt.1 April 1733 Buried 16th Jan 1813 M.25 March 1754 to Sarah Taylor 25th March 1754 B.1734 Buried 24 Jan 1813
Mary Susannah Jane John
Bapt.26th Jan 1755 M.28th July 1780 to Thomas Larcomb Bapt.9th April 1758 M.1st April 1778 to James Larcomb Bapt. 17th Feb 1760 Buried 4th July 1760 Buried 29th March 1761
Bapt.17 July 1768 Buried.10 Oct 1850 M.12th Feb 1793 to Tamar Tett Bapt.22nd Sept 1771 Buried.27th Aug 1857
Bapt.6th May 1770 Buried.4th April 1836 M.10th June 1811 to Elizabeth Pitman b.1781 Buried 3rd April 1845
John Mary William James Richard
Luke Elizabeth
Bapt 23rd June 1793 Buried.22nd March 1873 M.1816 to Jane Toby B.24/3/1793 Buried.1st Aug 1863.He then married again 24th Nov 1863 to Mary Ann Salter
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Bapt.12th Feb 1796 D.29th Jan 1797 B.4th Dec 1797 Buried.5th March 1890 M.15th March 1825 to Hannah Browse B.1801 d.1871 B.29th Sept 1800 D.19th Feb 1878 M.3rd June 1823 to Agnes Gardener B.1794 D.26th Aug 1864.He then married again 1865 to Mary Dodge B.1831
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B.1803 D.1874 M.24th Nov 1829 to Mary Spiller B.1804 D.1881
B.Dec 1805 D.9th Nov 1844 Had a illegitimate son (father Robert Dean)
B.1809 D.1879 M.24th Dec 1833 to Eliza Holman B.1813 D.6th Nov 1895 B.March 1812 M.22nd Feb 1835 to John George
Thomas(Son of Mary)
  B.1824 D.17th March 1886 M.26th November 1844 to Sarah Churchill B.26 August 1822 D.15th March 1902  
Thomas Mary Oliver William George James Alfred Charles Joseph George Frederick
B.26th Nov 1844 D. 19th Nov 1906 M. 1868 to Anna B.1846 D.26th Oct 1912 B.1847 D.1851 B.1848 D.1849 B.24th Dec 1849 D.12th Feb 1910 M.24th Dec 1870 to
Rachel Holman
B.29th Dec 1848
D. 28th Nov 1939
B.5th Sept 1851 M. 17 Feb 1872 to Emma Vickery B.1853 D.1880
Re married Caroline Raison 18th Dec 1883
B.1857 D.1858 B.20th Dec 1859 D.3 April 1896 M.20th July 1884 to Louisa Walden B.1861 D.28 Jan 1922 B.1862 M.Sally Cummings B.1862 B.1864 D.1927 M.Christine Hallett B.26th June 1866 D.1937 M. Louisa Raymond
Henry Thomas Frank Charles Jeremiah Rose Minnie Louisa Alice Ellen Jeanette George
B.2/2/1872 D.12/11/1877 Rheumatic fever B.31th Oct 1873 D.21st Feb 1947 M.29th April 1905 to Mary Elizabeth Bolt B.19th Nov 1886 Textile Weaver
B.20th July 1875 D.25th Jan 1941
Buried 28/1/1941
M.31 July 1897 to Susan Anne Eason B.25 Nov 1876
D.26 Jan 1971
Buried 30/1/1971
B.10/6/1877 D.7/12/1879 Scarlet Fever B.27/4/1879 D.1939 M.9/2/1901 to Charles Hardy Bapt.1882 Bapt. 19/6/1881 D.15/3/1960 M.4th June 1906 to Samuel Cox B.1884 Bapt.16/3/1884 M.July 1913 to Leonard Thring B.1888 D.13th August 1965 M.Sept 1916 to Henry Walter Patten B.1892 D.3 May 1957 B.8/5/1891 D.4/12/1969 M.26/12/1914 to Lilian Paul.
B.1892 D.29/11/1955
Later married Edith ?
Henry Albert Charles Elsie Emily Maud Alice Gertrude Margret Winifred Phyllis Vera May

B.1899 May 30. D .1918 May 30
Buried @British
Cemetery Chambrecy

B.1900 July 25 D.1993 Nov 14 M.1928 Aug 18 at Crewkerne to Frederick George Windsor B.1894 July 6th D.1973 Sept 16

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B.1902 Dec 25 D.1936 May 25 M.1936 Feb 1 at Chard to Henry Woodland

B.1904 Oct 9 D.1973 Aug 2
M.1932 March 26th to
Doris Elsie Beryl Cummings
B.1906 Nov 3rd
D.1992 March 18th

B.1916 Oct 10th M.1941 June 27th to Percy Robert Ansell B.1909 Oct 18th D.1973 B.1921 March 27th M.1941 Feb 5th to Charles Shipp B.1913 May 29th D.1992 Dec 7th

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 Phyllis Margaret Prentice  
Andrew John
  Helen Margaret Surrita Ramlall    
  Vanita Claire  

compiled with kind permission by my cousin Mr John Barrett


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